Enable the personal Blog of Pete Harrison of Artisans Collective at The Old Library Prestatyn

Personal blog and my enable project idea’s and results.

Below is what I wanted to achieve in 2016, and I think it went even better than I expected.

Pete on the enable trike
Pete on the Enable trike

Enable is a project brought about by my love of things electro-mechanical and my wish to help others maximise the opportunities available locally for enjoying the outdoors by utilising enabling solutions.

Currently I am a director/volunteer of Artisans Collective CIC in Prestatyn North Wales, and I am also involved with Men’s Shed Prestatyn who are currently based with the Artisan’s at the Old Library on Nant Hall Road, Prestatyn.

Crank motorUtilising my 40 plus years of experience in engineering and motorsport, I am designing, creating and building personal transport solutions and accessories for people that would not normally have access to the great footpaths and cycleways in North Wales and beyond.

Current projects include a trike with 2 wheels at the front created for a person that had stability issues on a normal cycle, electric hub drive cycle, and crank drive developments.

Electric bikes are expensive in the UK usually starting at over £1000 for a very basic model.

I can convert most existing cycles with high quality, high specification equipment using Lithium Ion batteries from £599 including professional installation.

Do you already have a bike that you use regularly and enjoy riding it, but are starting to struggle with inclines or suchlike, why not have it converted to electric assist/drive and keep all of the parts you already have invested in?

Alternatively I can source a brand new cycle or upcycle a previously owned bike to a design of your choice and convert that.

Any style of cycle is suitable for conversion from traditional through frames to mountain bikes with full suspension.

Other bespoke modifications can also be made to enable full enjoyment and mobility dependent upon the user’s requirements whilst keeping the machine legal and safe to use on the road and cycleways.

Looking for more information? A visit the independent Pedelec website is recommended.

During 2016 I will also working be alongside my wife Jayne to develop a new range of Sutton Soap personal care products based around outdoor activities particularly cycling.