Scotland during the festive season 2019 Day One of our adventure.

Partly based on the North Coast 500 route, and partly upon our own preferences.

Scotland adventure daily itinerary. (Click on link to view).

  1. Prestatyn to Inverness.
  2. Inverness to Inver Caravan Park, Dunbeath.
  3. Dunbeath to Halladale Inn, Melvich.
  4. Melvich to Inverness.
  5. Inverness to Fort William.
  6. Fort William to Dumfries.
  7. Dumfries to Prestatyn.

An interactive map of our adventure in Scotland.

More about the vehicle we used our self built camping car here.

With the last quarter of 2019 proving to be a tough time personally for us, we decided rather than celebrate Christmas and the New year in the traditional way we would aim get away from it all.

Jayne my wife was also suffering with an ankle injury, that necessitated certain precautions. Additional planning was needed to ensure her comfort.

So why Scotland?

Scotland was chosen as it was far enough away from our day to day existence, hoping we could start recovering from some of the recent sad and upsetting situations that have happened in 2019.

Plus the challenge of the unknown of this time of year would change our mindsets and outlooks giving us a renewed focus.

Did it work?

Dunnet Head (Scottish Gaelic: Ceann Dùnaid) is a peninsula in Caithness, on the north coast of Scotland. Dunnet Head includes the most northerly point of both mainland Scotland and the mainland of Great Britain

We got as far North as possible on the British mainland, and loved every minute of our trip.

Day One travelling to Scotland.

Christmas day was spent on completing the car as much as we could.

We got some strange looks from passers by as we worked on fitting the vehicle out and loading food, bedding and supplies as they visited friends and families with presents.

This was our present to each other.

The decision.

Right up until bedtime on Christmas day and after a full day of graft, we were not certain if Jayne’s injury would allow us to embark upon the trip. With the car loaded and as ready to go as it could be. Time alone would tell.

We decided not to set an alarm but to naturally wake and see how things were then.

Upon waking at 5am we took the decision to start travelling and review the situation at Carlisle, we departed Prestatyn at 7:30am. We knew there was a Tesco filling station just off the M6. We planned to fuel up, take a break and decide what to do from there.

Jayne was able to use her crutches to get to the toilet in the store. The car refueled, our intention to get to Inverness by sunset.

On our way to Scotland
Boxing day break.

The journey to Inverness was fantastic arriving at sunset as planned. Our first nights plan was always to stop in the Premier Inn.

The 400 plus mile journey needed proper recovery time. It has a Brewers Fayre next door, with luck we could refuel before bedtime.

Scotland 1st night
Never has a burger and a pint of cider gone down so well.
Scotland 2019 adventure having a brew
With places like this in Scotland to stop and share a brew and biscuit it is fantastic therapy.

Day 2 here.