As promised to the doctors a new crash helmet

New Helmet

Enable HelmetWhen recently in hospital I enquired how long it would be before I could ride a bike again, the consultant said six weeks and only if I promise to wear a crash helmet when riding in future.

To be honest it is ironic really that when I was racing cars or even just taking part in track days I was safety mad, wearing only the best safety equipment.

However when riding bikes I have not been wearing a helmet, but am fanatical about lighting.

I have now corrected that and have invested in a high quality helmet, fitted with an red LED light at the back which fits well considering my large head size.

Of course it now has the ENABLE logo’s installed as well.

I am looking forward to trying it out soon, not sure if I can wait six weeks however, maybe a quick spin around the block soon, when Jayne is here to supervise of course.


New Year New Outlook for the Enable project

Happy new year

The new year 2016 is here, I have had a poor end to 2015 being in hospital for nearly 2 weeks with pneumonia and other complications.

However I always find the new year break a good time to lay down plans for the future 12 months.

2015 was a very busy year at Artisans Collective CIC I can not see 2016 being any different, but I need to also focus on other things to enable further personal health and wellbeing.

Therefore the first couple of weeks of 2016 are going to be taken up with recuperation and planning for the future. One of the things I am extremely keen to pursue is the “Enable” project side of things, the design and build of the trike in 2015 and the volume of interest that created was amazing.

I believe that there is a marketplace for simple bespoke personal transport solutions locally, and will be concentrating on developing the project along these lines.

The new Enable logo

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