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Delta Wing Racing Car

Delta Wing Racing Car

I have always like the unusual, and really love the Delta Wing Concept. I have followed the designer Ben Bowlby since watching a UK Channel Four equinox documentary called “The nuts and bolts of Ben Bowlby”. In that programme he was designing a clubmans car, a class that I later raced a car in.

Delta Wing car
Delta Wing

Originally designed by Ganassi Racing Technical Director Ben Bowlby as a successor to the outdated IndyCar chassis, the DeltaWing is not just about looking different – it is about transforming the motor sports and automotive industries with radical innovation. Racer magazine called it a “game changer”.

As he watched motor sports viewership decline worldwide, Bowlby looked at the smaller format engine technology that was entering the forefront of the automotive industry.

He realized that this technology was eminently relatable to racing fans. There had to be a way to use a small engine to create an entirely new package-one that would be more efficient and still give the performance that a premier race car demands.

Currently the car is racing in IMSA in the US and was this weekend going extremely well at The Daytona 24 Hours with the UK driver Katherine Legge at the wheel, until an accident whilst driven by one of her team mates put the car out of contention whilst competing for the race lead.

The Press release from the team is below:

Panoz DeltaWing Racing made history today with Katherine Legge taking the coupe to the front within the first hour of the race. “We’re really at a stage now where we’re showcasing what it’s got,” said Legge when talking about the car. “I’m proud of the team, I’m proud that they gave me a really good car, and I’m proud of the job that I did, as well.”

The coupe consistently ran at an impressive pace, at first chasing then passing the leaders. Both Legge and Andy Meyrick led a combined total of 29 laps out of the 119 completed before disaster struck when the coupe made contact with a PC car sitting stationary on the track.

“It was very unfortunate. The car was in a blind spot with no lights on and it was unavoidable,” said Meyrick. “The radio was intermittent and unfortunately the combined situation resulted in an accident that caused a very successful day to end too soon. I was catching back up with the leader and it’s a real shame we weren’t able to get back up there and enjoy the result we should have had.”

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