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A blog by Kate Lycett a well known artist who lives near Totally Locally HQ (ie a tiny office) in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. The thing is, if there was ever a thriving, resilient town full of fantastic independent shops which people actively choose to support, Hebden is it!

But even here something seems to be changing. It’s echoed across the U.K. it seems that even those towns who look solid and robust are starting to waver a bit.

And that’s scary, because our towns are more than just places to shop – they are community!

There’s never been more of a time when businesses need to support each other and work together than now.

Kate has set out her model for working here. More power to you Kate.

What do you think?

Not a very inspiring title? Here’s the thing… Hebden Bridge is an awesome little town. But like all little towns it’s fighting its battles. There’s the traffic (flood prevention works continue to strangle us). There’s the parking. There’s the rail strikes. Like all small towns – actually even big cities – the high street is…

Source: Hebden Bridge Post Office : Kate Lycett

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