Kinmel Railway Track Cycleway.


Disused Railway track cycling.

An interesting article on the Cycling North Wales website bringing together my favourite subjects local history, heritage railways and cycling (please click link to view full article on external website).

I currently ride along the Prestatyn to Dyserth track past Meliden in Denbighshire on a regular basis and would love to see more routes like this. Railway tracks by their nature have only slight inclines which makes for really good cycling.

Kinmel Railway track crossing A547
Kinmel Railway

“In 1995 a voluntary group called Clwyd Community Roots, based on the now famous Sustrans principles, set about creating a cycle way along the redundant track of the former Kinmel Railway. This ran for three miles from the main line at Kinmel Bay serving the Army training Camp at Kinmel Park during the first world war. With the cessation of hostilities it went on to carry limestone from the nearby St George quarries to the main line at Rhyl until their closure in 1964.

Local cycling activists.

Inspired by local activist and family doctor Stuart Anderson, Community Roots set about acquiring consents and funding around the year 2000. At the time it seen as the first example of a scheme such as this being established entirely by volunteers.

Invaluable support and guidance was provided by Mike Chown, one of the earlier pioneers of converting redundant rail tracks for cycling and walking. Despite cycling being key to the concept, and most of the members involved being cyclists themselves, objections to cycling were raised adjacent landed interests, and consent has never been obtained for its formal designation as a cycleway.

A Gain and a Sad Loss.

It did however win a Welsh Conservation 1st prize. Sadly not during the life of Simon McQuillan, one the founder members CCR, who died suddenly at home whilst construction work was taking place”

As promised to the doctors a new crash helmet

New Helmet

Enable HelmetWhen recently in hospital I enquired how long it would be before I could ride a bike again, the consultant said six weeks and only if I promise to wear a crash helmet when riding in future.

To be honest it is ironic really that when I was racing cars or even just taking part in track days I was safety mad, wearing only the best safety equipment.

However when riding bikes I have not been wearing a helmet, but am fanatical about lighting.

I have now corrected that and have invested in a high quality helmet, fitted with an red LED light at the back which fits well considering my large head size.

Of course it now has the ENABLE logo’s installed as well.

I am looking forward to trying it out soon, not sure if I can wait six weeks however, maybe a quick spin around the block soon, when Jayne is here to supervise of course.


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