Scotland during the festive season 2019, Day Four of our adventure.

A long 180 mile day back to Inverness.

Travelling through some fantastic highland scenery with Four seasons weather in One day. You can catch up with previous days here.

Day Four starts with a record broken.

It was amazing how hot we had felt overnight and at how warm the breeze (wind) felt as we prepared to leave Halladale Inn on the Sunday morning.

Later in the day we read the article linked to below, which explained it all!

Day four and high temperatures.
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Day Four
Screenshot from our media player and dashcam as we leave Halladale on Day Four

Leaving Halladale Inn at 9:30 on Sunday morning. We proceeded to travel on the A386 and shortly after, off the beaten track to visit Totegan a small fishing village.

Invernaver provided a lovely Sunday morning view as we drove along the coast.

Ceannabeine Beach and a gobsmacked Pete

Ceannabeine Beach is a beautiful, white sandy beach with rocky outcrops and crystal clear water.

This dramatic gently sloping beach with its cliffs of pink rock is only a short walk from the car park on the A838.

The beach was once known as Traigh Alt Chailgeag, “The beach of the burn of bereavement and death” . Due to a story of a lady who died after falling in the burn and was found on the beach.

It has spectacular views of the island of Eilean Hoan, the burial island, which is now a nature reserve. Sir Walter Scot, the famous novelist visited Ceannabeine in 1814.

The historic harbour of Rispond, built in 1788, is a short walk over the hill from the beach.

From here we drove towards Laxford Bridge. Then in a roughly South East direction towards Inverness across the highlands passing many mountains and lochs.

Day Four Tongue
Tongue with Jayne responding well, now using only hiking sticks to assist her mobility.

Heading inland.

As we started to leave the coast behind us the weather started to change quite dramatically. High winds and lots of rain replacing the bright crispness of the coastal conditions.

Remember the new wipers bought in Wick? The smallest we could get were 18″ long, the standard specification for the passenger side is 16″.

At the worst of the adverse weather conditions I commented to Jayne that I thought That the wipers were making an odd noise.

Within moments of mentioning it, the wiper started to part company with the arm. Luckily we could safely pull up quickly.

The weather was the worst we experienced on the whole trip, it would be wouldn’t it?

I managed to get out, remove the wiper, cut a couple of inches off the rubber, fit it to the old wiper assembly and refit it a relatively short time. Enabling us to continue our journey towards Lairg, and then Inverness.

Passing a number of Lochs including Loch Shin.

Loch Shin

Loch Shin is a loch in the Scottish North West Highlands. To the south is the small town of Lairg. The loch, the largest in Sutherland, runs from the north-west to the south-east and is 17 miles long.

Arriving back in Inverness, this time staying at a Travelodge at sunset having had a fantastic day on the road.