Scotland during the festive season 2019, Day Two of our adventure.

Friday 27th December 2019, Inverness to Inver Caravan Park, Dunbeath.

Day Two of our adventure saw us travelling up the East coast. You can catch up with day one here.

Many people on social media and the internet say that this is the least scenic part of the North Coast 500.

Personally I find it very interesting. The first part the Moray Firth forms one of the safest and most commodious anchorages in the north of Scotland and Invergordon was at one time a major base for the Royal Navy’s Home Fleet.

The Firth was the scene of the Invergordon Mutiny in 1931. Remnants of the Navy remain, such as the disused airfield near Evanton (now an industrial estate) which was built to take aircraft from the fleet carriers while they were at anchor. The site is massive and very much intact.

During World War II, there was a large training and operational base for Catalina amphibious aircraft and Sunderland seaplanes, which extended from Invergordon to Alness point – also now an industrial estate

Scotland day two oil and gas industry near Nigg
Cromarty Firth from the ferry landing pier

I guess it all depends what your interests are, mixing modern history with the outstanding beauty of nature is our cup of tea.

Scotland Day Two at Dornoch Firth
Dornoch Firth from the road bridge

We left the NC500 and explored the area including the wonderful town of Dornoch and its fantastic beach. We also noticed lots of great looking golf courses and clubhouses in this area.

Dornoch Beach and as we found everywhere lots of benches, information boards and full leaflet holders.

We arrived after a fantastic full day at Inver Caravan Park, Dunbeath just before sunset to a wonderful reception and a perfect place for our first night ever sleeping in the Elgrand.

Scotland day two the camp site.
As dusk falls our view from the camping car.

Highlights of day Two.

First and foremost just getting here is an achievement. Jayne started moving about a bit more and ventured out of the car a few times. Quite nervously at first but I could see an improvement in confidence.

Finding that the East Coast was even better than we imagined with lots of interesting things to see.

Our first camping stopover site was a cracker.

Durnoch beach and Jayne starting to gain confidence using the Elgrand as support.

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