Communities Wellbeing Workshop, Bangor – Artisans Collective

People have asked us why are we presenting for Wales Eden Communities and Grow Wild on Friday 18th January in Bangor. Here are 5 good reasons Source: Communities Wellbeing Workshop, Bangor – Artisans Collective

The day the inevitable happened at Artisans

The statement I knew One day I would have to make but never looked forward to it. My very personal views. After almost 3 years of Artisans Collective occupying the Old Library in Prestatyn, the building is up for sale. We have always been aware that our term as tenants of Denbighshire County Council could […]

Personal thoughts looking back 2016

Thoughts that are my own personal ones and do not reflect the views of any organisation mentioned in the post. THOUGHTs: “the act of thinking about or considering something, an idea or opinion, or a set of ideas about a particular subject” My Personal thoughts of 2016 and it has been interesting in a huge […]

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